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High Quality Shaving Brushes

Shaving brushes made from Badger, Boar Bristle and Synthetic fiber hair available. A high quality shaving brush will help you whip up the perfect shaving foam, apply it to your face while gently lifting your beard and overall add to your shaving experience. People use brushes to produce a richer shaving lather, to lift and soften the beard hair and improve the quality of the shaving experience. Shaving brushes reduce the chance of in-grown hairs by gently massaging the face and lifting the beard from the face.

Benefits of Using a Shaving Brush

Shaving brushes have been in use by men for centuries, with the design remaining basically consistent. The hair, whether synthetic, badger, boar or horse is tied in a knot that is embedded in a handle.

There are a number of key benefits to using shaving brush are principally around the creating of a high quality shaving lather when using high quality shaving soaps or shaving creams. Firstly, when you are creating your own foam instead of using foam from a can, the shaver can control the amount of water, the consistency and the volume of foam needed. The high quality materials in good shaving foams will moisturize the face, and the brush bristles. Applying the foam or lather to the face will gently lift the beard and produce a more comfortable and consistent shave. For more information on wet shaving, visit our blog.

There are several different types of shaving brushes to choose from. Shaving Made Better offer a range of shaving brushes online. For more information about different types of shaving brushes, this blog, The Brush Guide is an excellent read.

Synthetic Shaving Brushes

The benefit of Synthetic Shaving Brushes is that they need very little maintenance and can be used straight away. With natural hair brushes, the brush needs to be worked in and maintained. Synthetic brushes can be dried quicker after use and over time will retain a soft bristle. For some, the fact that Synthetic brushes do not contain animal product is a key consideration.

Boar Shaving Brushes

Boar shaving brushes are great beginner brushes, costing less than Badger shaving brushes. Boar hair tends to be more rigid when compared to Badger. Boar brushes do require several weeks to work in.

Horse Hair Shaving Brushes

Horse hair shaving brushes are generally cheaper than boar brushes, and offer the benefit of natural animal hair without any harm to the animal. Generally a beginners brush for people starting to explore wet shaving, more experienced shavers do use these if they are looking to try something different.


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