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Safety Razors

There is a wide choice of double edge safety razors available. Shaving Made Better specialize in offering a selection high quality double edge safety razors. Shaving Made Better manufactures its on range of branded razors. Each of these razors will give you a great shave, years of service and add enjoyment to the everyday task of shaving.

Double Edge Safety Razors

Looking for the perfect shave, or for a gift idea for the gentleman in your life? Double Edge Safety Razors offer high a high quality shaving experience with the added benefit of making shaving more enjoyable and cheaper! We offer some of the finest double edge safety razors available on the market. With a DE Safety Razor, you will enjoy a premium shaving experience. We stock a wide variety of double edge blades for our razors.

Our goal is to make double edge safety razors available to more people.  Our Double Edge Safety Razors are made using high quality materials, and each is hand checked for perfection before it is shipped.

Closed Comb or Butterfly Double Edge Safety Razor?

There are two main types of double edge safety razors, the Butterfly (Twist) razor or the three piece razor. The Butterfly razor comes with a section on the handle that you twist, opening the head of the razor so you can replace the razor blade.

The three piece razor is as is implied in the name, a razor that comes in three pieces, the base plate, the top or safety bar plate, and the handle. To change the razor blade, the handle is unscrewed allowing the top plate to be lifted off.  One of the key benefits of the three piece razor is that there are no moving parts, so less can go wrong.


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