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Safety Razor Blades

There is a wide choice of double edge safety razor blades on offer on the Market. Shaving Made Better offer a range of high quality safety razor blades from quality manufacturers such as Gillette, Astra, Shark and Derby. Every razor will take any double edge safety razor blades, but some people have preferences or find combinations of razor blades that work better with different razors.

Novice Wet Shavers

If you are new to wet shaving and have just purchased a safety razor for the first time, it is advisable to buy razor blades that are not that aggressive or sharp. Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge razor blades are an ideal choice. These blades are not that aggressive but give a very smooth shave. In fact, this is the blade of choice for many professional barbers.

Skilled Wet Shavers

If you are a skilled wet shaver, the choice of which razor blades to purchase can be determined by the type or double edge safety razor you have. An aggressive razor would work well with the Astra blade which are made by Gillette. Shark Super Stainless Blades are sharp and durable with rustproof stainless steel, and are one of the most popular blades available.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Safety Razor Blades

When considering which razor blade is best suited to your needs, there are a number of factors to consider. High quality safety razor blades are designed to stay sharp for at least three shaves, although very course facial hair may shorten the lifespan. Better quality blades last longer. The next consideration is the type of skin you have. If you have sensitive skin a very sharp blade might become an irritant.

And lastly, the price needs to be considered. If you are new to wet shaving it might be best to start with a selection of blades until you settle on one that works best. Once you have made a decision to stick with one blade, purchasing packs of up to 100 blades will make them much more economical. 100 Astra Superior Razor Blades on Shaving Made better will cost you less than £0.15c each! Why not try the MN112 Stainless Steel Safety Razor with your choice of blades and enjoy an amazing shave.

For more information on the different types of blades on offer, this blog post has compared the best blades on the market.


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