//5 Astra Superior Razor Blades

5 Astra Superior Razor Blades


Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge razor blades are manufactured in Russia by Gillette who purchased Astra, a Czech razor blade manufacturer of 20 years in 1995. These blades are known for qualities that combine sharpness and smoothness without being overly aggressive. These blades make an ideal starting razor blade. 

The blades themselves are sold in packs of 5. Each pack contains 5 razor blades, wrapped in wax paper in a plastic housing for safety. The blades are constructed from high quality steel and are finished with a platinum cover.

  • Smooth Razor blades
  • Ideal for the Novice
  • Platinum finish gives a smooth feeling
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Astra Razor Blades (Superior Platinum Double Edge) provide the customer with a combination of sharpness and smoothness. Customers consider these blades to be extremely balanced. Wet shavers who combined these blades with a high-quality safety razor will find a comfortable and close shave.  Beginners and novice shavers will find these blades ideal, and will enjoy provide a comfortable shave. Customers all over the world love Astra Razor blades. Feather razor blades are considered by many customers to be sharper, but Astra Superior Razor Blades present a nice, sharp edge.

Astra have designed their Double Edge Safety Razor blades to fit any Double Edge Safety Razors. Barber shops  worldwide consider Astra to be the blade of choice. Customers find the razor blades to be durable. You will find each razor blade individually packed in Wax paper for safety. This keeps your blades sterile and will optimise the shelf life. For your safety, the wax paper enables you to handle the blades.

Gillette, who manufacture these blades bought the Czech Astra Company, who were a razor blade company from the Czech Republic. Once Gillette bought Astra, these fantastic blades gained worldwide distribution. Shavers worldwide consider Astra Razor Blades to be one of the best performing blades with a low price tag.

To main maintain a sharp edge on your razor blades for as long as possible, be sure to rinse the razor after use and remove any stubble or residue. Never wipe the blade as this will blunt the blade. Shaving Made Better offers customers Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades in packs of 5, or in a box with 100 Astra blades.

Changing The Razor Blade

Changing your razor blade in your safety razor is a simple task. You should be extremely careful when handling extremely sharp objects such as these Astra Razor Blades. Double Edge Safety Razors are either butterfly or three-piece razor. Fitting the razor is a case of either inserting the razor into the butterfly head, or between the two head pieces on a three piece razor.

Your first step is to remove the old razor blade you wish to replace and dispose of it safely. Next, remove the razor blade from its wax paper, and position it on the upper head piece. Next add the lower head piece and screw the razor back together.



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