//100 Astra Superior Razor Blades

100 Astra Superior Razor Blades


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Made in Russia by Gillette, Astra Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades fit all double edge safety razors. These blades offer a smooth shave and are the blade of choice for many professional barbers. The razor blades are made from high quality steel and are coated in platinum for a smooth finish. In terms of sharpness, these blades perform very well, and are considered by many expert shavers to be second only to the Feather Blade. 

The box of 100 blades contains 20 individual plastic containers, each with 5 blades individually wrapped in wax paper. These blades work well in aggressive safety razors.

  • High Quality Steel
  • Platinum finish
  • Fit all double edge safety raozrs
  • Very sharp
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Astra Superior Platinum Razor blades provide the user with a combination of sharpness and smoothness. The blades are extremely balanced and when combined with a high quality safety razor, will provide a comfortable and close shave.  These blades are Manufactured by Gillette, who bought the Czech Astra Company, who had been manufacturing razor blades in the Czech Republic for 20 years.

These blades are ideal for beginners or novices, and provide a comfortable shave. These blades are very popular with the wet shaving fraternity.


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