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Our Mission

Shaving Made Better was developed to offer high quality safety razors, shaving brushes and razor blades for sale. Shaving Made Better focuses on offering shaving implements and accessories that are of superior quality.  In addition, Shaving Made Better believes that safety razors and shaving brushes should be visually appealing.

Today, most men shave using plastic razors using cartridge razor blades. Shaving Made Better wants to promote old school shaving that offers several advantages over plastic razors and cartridge razor blades.

  • Double Edge Safety Razors work out more economical over time, with razor blades costing pence
  • A plastic razor blade is by its nature cheap. By comparison a metal safety razor will offer a completely different experience
  • The customer is our number one priority, and your complete satisfaction is our goal

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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