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Wet Shaving Jargon

Wet Shaving has a language all to itself. If you are new to wet shaving, the jargon may be a challenge. This page will explain some of the common jargon words you will hear or read about.

Types of Razors

  • Cartridge Razor: the common razor sold in supermarkets where the blades come loaded in cartridges.

  • Straight Razor: many people refer to this as a cut throat razor. It has a handle from which the blade unfolds.

  • Double Edge Safety Razor: A double edge safety razor has exposure to the razor blade on both sides of the razor head. Click here to see our range of high quality double edge safety razors.

  • Slant Safety Razor: A Slant Safety Razor is similar to a double edge safety razor. However, it curves the razor blade for a more aggressive shaving experience. Ideal for people with very thick stubble. Shaving Made Better offers one style of Slant Safety Razor for sale.

Razor Heads

  • Closed Comb: Closed comb refers to the piece of the razor head beneath the blade. Closed comb means this bar goes the whole way across the razor head, often with grooves to help align the beard prior to the blade passing.

  • Open Comb: By comparison, an open comb razor will resemble the teeth on a comb and provides a more aggressive shave.

Types of Shaving

  • Wet Shaving: Using shaving soap or shaving foam as part of the shaving experience. Wet shaving enthusiasts will use high quality shaving brushes and shaving products to create a luxury lather and a very enjoyable shaving experience.

  • Dry Shave: A dry shave is normally an electric shaver.

Razor Construction

  • One Piece: A one piece razor is typically a plastic razor as you would purchase in the supermarket. When talking about safety razors, the butterfly style is also one piece. In a butterfly safety razor, a screwing mechanism within the handle pushes open the razor head for blade replacement.

  • Two Piece: In a two piece razor, the head and handle come apart. The mechanism for replacing the blade is normally a clip device that opens to give access to the blade.

  • Three Piece: In a three piece razor, the handle and head comes apart, with the head coming apart in two pieces.

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