//Doubled Edged Safety Razors Versus Cartridge Razors

Doubled Edged Safety Razors Versus Cartridge Razors

Cartridge razors are viewed by many as a marketing creation. A product that is in-superior than that it sought to replace, the double edge safety razor. For many people, the only type of razor they will ever have seen is or the plastic cartridge variety.

This blog post will compare double edge safety razors against their cartridge equivalent. Both offer benefits, but not surprisingly this blog post will come down on the side of the double edge safety razor!

In an earlier blog post entitled Top 3 Reasons to Consider Wet Shaving, we made several arguments in favour of the double edge safety razor. This blog post will take a slightly different approach, namely the 4Ps of marketing.


The product here is either a plastic cartridge razor or a double edge safety razor. Under the 4ps model, we have to consider the product life cycle.

The cartridge razor is generally a plastic razor handle that can accept a particular blade cartridge. These blade cartridges range from 2 to 6 blades and are popular with men who like to shave by hand without having to learn how to use a double edge safety razor or how to wet shave properly.

The Double Edge safety razor is generally a metal product that comes in three pieces. It accepts one razor blade. Any double edge razor blade can be used with any razor handle, although some people suggest combinations that can work better together. Very often manufacturers will place the same head on different razor handles to create different models. For example the Merkur HD 34C and the Merkur HD 38 have the same heads, but different handles.


A cartridge razor with 10 razor cartridges costs on Amazon circa £24.00. Additional cartridges for the razor will cost circa £2.50.

By comparison, a good quality double edge razor blade will cost circa £20.00 with razors costing £0.15 each.

If we compare operating costs for each over the course of a year, the double edge safety razor will be much more economical. Electrogent.com did an analysis of the costs over the 11 year lifetime of a double edge razor, noticing a $519.78 cost differential”


The marketing might of cartridge razor manufacturers such as Wilkinson and Gillette are impressive. Television adverts, sports star endorsements and promotions mean cartridge razors are front of mind for people considering what razor to buy.

By comparison, double edge razor blades are a niche product. The most famous brands selling double edge safety razors such as Merkur are not well known.


Place, or product placement describes where customers can find the product. The distribution channels of cartridge razors mean they are on sale in almost every corner shop or supermarket.

By comparison, double edge safety razors are available either online through websites such as Shaving Made Better, or in barber shops.

In Conclusion

Without doubt the marketing mix of the cartridge razor manufacturers is impressive. The double edge safety razor loses in product placement and promotion. However, the product is far superior and the price over the lifetime of the product is attractive.

Picture Credit: Flickr/Tools of Men

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