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Delivery Of Your Purchase

Once your order is processed, the order is transferred to Amazon for fulfillment. Amazon will then dispatch your order using normal shipping using the details entered into the Shaving Made Better website at the time of purchase. Amazon shipping will take up to 5 business days to be delivered. The products will arrive in an Amazon package.

There are exceptions to this process, namely if a product is not permitted into the Amazon Warehouse, or a new product which has yet to enter the Amazon Warehouse. In these situations, the items will be posted directly using the national postage service.

Shaving Made Better Product Storage

Shaving Made Better store all inventory for sale in Amazon warehouses across Europe. This means, as a customer you can benefit from their top quality distribution infrastructure.

There are some exceptions to this, including razor blades which are not permitted in the Amazon Warehouses. These products stored locally and distributed using the national postage service. For more information on the range of Fulfillment services offered by Amazon, click here.

My Item is Faulty

In the rare case you receive a faulty item please contact us immediately and we will do everything in our power to rectify the situation. There are a number of options available to you, including a replacement or refund. Replacement products will be sent directly using the national postal service.

Can I Collect The Items Directly?

Unfortunately Shaving Made Better is an online shop and does not have a bricks and mortor outlet. For this reason, the only way to purchase the items is online.

How Are Orders Processed?

Upon placing an order through https://www.shavingmadebetter.co.uk/payment is process through Stripe. Upon successful processing of the payment, the order is transmitted to Amazon for fulfillment. This process is automatic and seamless.

Where Else Can I Purchase Your Products?

Shaving Made Better.co.uk is the only place where our full range of male grooming products are listed in the one place. The range of products include safety razors, shaving brushes and razor blades. Many products are also listed on Amazon in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and Germany.

Free Shipping

Free shipping is available on all orders over £25.00


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