//Common Questions About Wet Shaving

Common Questions About Wet Shaving

This is the place to come, sit down, relax and learn all about wet shaving. This blog post will cover all the common questions about wet shaving.

Why is Wet Shaving Better?

Wet Shaving is technically any type of shaving including foam against a dry shave being with an electric razor. Wet shaving, the term used by shaving enthusiasts is a more global term to describe the use of high quality safety razors, shaving brushes and shaving foams or creams. This is how your granddad would have shaved before the introduction of plastic razors and cartridge razor blades.

Why is wet shaving better? There are so many reasons:

  • A much closer shave

  • More economical

  • A much more pleasant experience

  • Fewer in-grown hairs

  • With practice, can be a very quick shave

  • Less irritation

How Do I Create a Lather?

The first step is to soak the your brush in warm water  for a minute or two. This will soften up the bristles and get them ready to carry the shaving soap. Synthetic shaving brushes need less pre-shave soaking than natural brushes. If you have a shaving bowl, use this to prepare your brush.

Next, discard almost all of the water you have used to soak your brush and shake the brush to get rid of the excess water. The next step is to soften the shaving soap. This can be down with a few drops of hot water on top of the soap. It is best to let the brush and the shaving soap soften at the same time.

Finally, take your brush and start swirling it around on the top surface of the shaving soap. Once you are happy with the amount of soap on the brush, put the brush back in the shaving bowl. Vigorously move the shaving brush around the shaving bowl. This will build a nice lather, that will become thicker with more effort.  The perfect lather isn’t bubbly and should apply to your face perfectly.

Where to Buy Wet Shaving Supplies?

There are a number of places to purchase online shaving supplies. Obviously, Shaving Made Better offers a range of high quality shaving supplies including brushes, razors and blades. Other notable companies include:

  • The English Shaving Company

  • Shave Lounge

  • Shave Shack

  • Manly Stuff

In addition to being able to purchase our range of high quality products through this website, you can also purchase them on Amazon.

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