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About Shaving Made Better

About Shaving Made Better? Formed by two Wet Shaving enthusiasts who wanted to bring a range of high quality visually appealing shaving accessories to the market. Products are sold on Amazon in countries all over Europe. Currently Shaving Made Better stocks a range of products under the Shaving Made Better brand, but also products from Manly Stuff.

Wet Shaving Enthusiast

Both individuals behind Shaving Made Better (operated by Trenton Independent Trading Ltd) have enjoyed Wet Shaving as a hobby, and want to convert the masses away from cartridge razors to the joy of a positive shaving experience. The plans are ambitious over the next number of years to grow a new brand of high quality safety razors competing with other major brands.

Sales Strategy

This is very simple, although not typical content for an About Us page! Find high quality products that offer an excellent standard of quality that also stand out visually, and retail them through Amazon, Ebay, Facebook and through this website, Shavingmadebetter.co.uk. The belief is that quality will win out, and a successful business will flourish!

Range of Products

To start with, there is a range of double edge safety razors, shaving brushes and branded razor blades on offer. In time, shaving sets, stands and bowls will be added.

About Shaving Made Better Brand

The brand is very important to us. Shaving made better refers to three things:

  1. Better made products
  2. A company with a better ethos, the distribution of high quality products that will delight our customers

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