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The 10 Steps to the Perfect Web Shave

There are several steps to the perfect wet shave. This blog post outlines how to get the most out of your double edge safety razor, how to have an enjoyable and insanely close shave.

“If you teach a poor young man to shave himself, and keep his razor in order, you may contribute more to the happiness of his life than in giving him a thousand guineas.” – Benjamin Franklin

  1. Step One: Wash Your Face

The best time to shave is straight after a hot shower. Before you hop into the water, put your shaving brush in a cup of hot water to soften the bristles. This will make the formation of a luxury lather much easier.

The hot water in the shower will soften your beard or stubble, and prepare your skin for a shave.

2. Step Two: Use a Good Quality Facial Scrub

To assist in this process, you can use face scrub to remove dead skin and lift your beard off your face. There are plenty of cost effective facial scrubs for men available on Amazon. Shaving Made Better recommend using a small amount of scrub. Rub the scrub between your hands and then massage into your face. Rinse off the scrub with warm water.

3. Step Three: Pre Shave Treatment

Pre shave treatments are normally oils or balms that can be applied to the skin before the shaving foam. The job of the pre-shave treatment is to soften your bear, clean the skin and assist the razor blade as it passes over your skin.

4. Step Four: Shaving Cream

While either shaving soap or shaving foam can be used, Shaving Made Better has a preference for shaving foam. These are much easier for the beginner.

Put some shaving foam in your shaving bowl and using your shaving brush, work kup a lather. Once you are happy with the lather, apply the lather to your face using your shaving brush. The shaving brush will lift your beard, making it easier to shave. In addition, dead skin cells will be removed.

5. Step Five: Shaving

Using a DE safety razor, you are looking to apply the razor to the face at a 30 degree angle. With practice you will figure out what works best for you. When you begin to shave, it is important to start slowly, and smoothly draw the razor across your skin.

To avoid in-grown hairs, always shave with or across the grain of your beard. The weight of the double edge razor will apply all the pressure required for a smooth shave.

Usually, you can expect between 3 and 6 shaves per razor blade. With use, you will get used to knowing when the blade needs to be changed.

6. Step Six: Moisturise

When you have finished shaving, wash the shaving foam from your face using cold water. this will close the pores in your skin, and it will help calm the skin. Dry your face and apply an aftershave balm or moisturiser.

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