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Safety Razors and a Whole Lot More!

Looking for the perfect shave?  Shaving Made Better offer a range of high quality shaving tools and accessories, from high quality safety razors to shaving brushes and razor blades. Customers enjoy a customer satisfaction guarantee.

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Brand Promise

  • Offer a range of high quality, visually appealing shaving products

  • Promote old school shaving as a preferable alternative to cartridge razors

  • Create visually appealing products that have a high quality feel

  • Work hard to exceed customer expectations and stand out from the crowd

  • Offer the shaving products at competitive rates

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On Amazon.co.uk, 23 out of 24 reviews were 5 star reveiws.

Why a Double Edge Safety Razor is Better

There are a number of key reasons why a double edge safety razor is better than a cartridge razor. Firstly, an old school safety razor provides a closer shave, and moves across the face at a gentler angle. This allows the razor to cut cleanly through the hair and avoid the sensation of pulling many experience with a cartridge razor. Overall the skin will experience less irritation. Cartridge razors typically pack multiple razors into a single head very closely together and can easily get clogged

Economy of Double Edge Safety Razors

Over the longer term double edge safety razors are much cheaper with new blades costing pence rather than pounds. These razor blades are insanely sharp and a pack of 100 razor blades can last a very long time. In addition, when you purchase a Safety Razor from Shaving Made Better, you are purchasing a high quality shaving implement that will give you years of service if treated correctly.

Safety Razors Or Cartridge Razors

Plastic safety razors simply don’t offer the same level of quality or durability. There is a trade off to be made between a plastic cartridge razor and a double edge safety razor. A cartridge razor will offer protection from the blades to prevent cutting while double edge safety razors can offer different blade exposure levels. For example, a slanted double edge safety razor has variable exposure to the razor blade allowing an experienced user use different areas of the blade to cut through different thickness of hair.

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Shaving Brushes

Shaving brushes typically feature a short handle that can easily be held in the hand, and bristles that are usually badger, boar or synthetic.  The job of the shaving brush is to whip your shaving soap or cream into a thick lather, and apply it to your face. In so doing, the shaving brush will lift your stubble and ensure a close and comfortable shave.

High quality shaving brush as sold on Shaving Made Better should be paired with high quality shaving cream or soap, and a shaving bowl. The shaving bowl will enable you to quickly whip the shaving cream or soap into a lather, ready for application.

Good priced safety razor, delivered promptly with a decent set of blades, nice weight in the hand


Mum son said it’s very good !


A fantastic razor that has exceeded my expectations. Nicely balanced with a very durable weighty feel.

Amazon Customer

Good value for money

Amazon Customer

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